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I am a creative practitioner originally from the sunny Bay Of Plenty and currently residing in the heart of Wellington. My interest initially began with photography as a teenager, carrying a camera on me everywhere and taking photos of friends, which quickly progressed into work for local models, music gigs, corporate events, creative collaborations and weddings. I love the variety of creative work and I love working with people, as someone who has a chronic pain disorder I find getting out and about with a camera super fulfilling and I enjoy the flexibility of editing.


My shared passion for music and film initially got me into videography. Music videos have always captured me and moving forward I would love to direct and create more of such content on my own. This love for music also has a crossover for my love for audio production and sound design. For me, creative cinematic visuals paired with rich audio creates insights into the mind of other creatives and I want to emulate this process for other people through the vessel of my own work.

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